Who Are the Amish?

A beautiful, entertaining, highly informative three-screen feature, now showing in our theater.

Using original music, descriptive narration, and stunning photos, this presentation captures both the facts and the soul of our Amish neighbors.

It is 30 minutes long and shows on the hour from 9 am to 4 pm.

"The photographs were lush, the narration intelligent. We were told that the Amish struggle between seeking humility and perfection, and that their lives are hardly idyllic. Like all families, they have problems with the temptations of modern life."
--The New York Times

"Who Are the Amish?" addresses common questions about the Amish:

The Amish way of life: how many of them are there? Where do they live? When did they begin? Are they growing or dying in number? What really holds them together?

Community: What are the secrets of Amish survival in today's world? Do they actually have barnraisings? Why do they dress that way? Why buggies? Why no electricity?

Childhood: What's it like to be an Amish child? Are the children deprived or privileged? What are their schools like? Why do so many of the young people choose to stay with the church? What about courtship and marriage?

An imperfect people: What are their failures and problems? What are the influences which most threaten the Amish? How do the Amish make decisions? How much change will they accept?

Harvest and contentment: Why are the Amish such good farmers? What do they do for livelihood if there are no more farms for the young people? How do they find contentment? Can the Amish communities sustain the Amish way? Is it really as good as it looks?

Ticket Prices:

(17-59 years)
(12 or more, with one person
paying for the whole group)
$5.50 / person
Senior Citizens
(60+ years)
(6-16 years)
School Student Groups $4.00
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